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Port Stephens Accommodation

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Why Choose Port Stephens Accommodation?

At Port Stephens Accommodation we differentiate ourselves from the mainstream real estate market. We are not real estate agents moonlighting as property managers. Our skills and experience have been hard earned over the years. We have learnt through trial and error and both our success and failures have led us to refine our management practices to those they are today.

As property managers we are very conscious of providing the market with a range of rental accommodation from budget through to high end luxury apartments and homes. To maintain our standards however, we are very selective with the properties we add to our portfolio. Our properties must be safe, secure and adhere to all statutory legislation. They must be priced in line with their facilities, location and style.

As holiday, commercial and permanent rental property owners ourselves, you can be assured that we fully understand the anxieties and pitfalls of renting. We apporach the business as if all the properties were ours. We always ask ourselves "How would we do it?"

We are constantly monitoring industry trends and statutory requirements under the Properties, Stock and Business Agents Act of NSW. Compliance is a very important part of what we do and our owners can rest in the knowledge that their property is being managed with a professional and practised approach. Our team are fully aware of both our and our owner's responsibilities and we ensure that each team member is trained and qualified.

Our name is part of the marketing strategy that puts more people into our properties! We have built up a valued reputation for providing above par service for our owners and tenants. We wouldn't have survived over 30 years in business without providing great service and returns.

Our philosophy is, and has always been, to provide the best property management service in NSW based on the highest standrad of ethics, values and client care. In doing this, we earn the loyalty and trust of our landlords and our tenants, many of whom have become lifelong clients and friends.

For more information on Property Management Services please email us at dawn@accomnelsonbay.com or phone 02 4981 1577 to arrange an appointment.